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welcome to mild hyberbaric therapy

Hyberbaric Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that allows you to breathe 100% pure oxygen while in a pressurized chamber raised to 4x the normal levels of oxygen. The pressurized environment causes your body to absorb

4-5x the normal amount of oxygen, resulting in vast health and performance benefits throughout the body.


mHBOT Packages

1-2 Sessions

V Alleviate Altitude Sickness

Concussion/Headache/Migraine Symptoms

V Boost Serotonin Levels & Lower Anxiety

5-10 Sessions

V Energize your Body

V Quickly reduce on-going Inflammation

V Strong protection of the body and its organs V Strong pain relief & reduction in swelling V Help repair acute and recent injuries

20 Sessions

v Mobilize new stem cells

V Stimulate new collagen and new tissue Create new blood flow and circulation

40 Sessions

Help the body recover from major health issues

Help fight Infections and diseases

V Help combat aging and degenerative

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  • 55 min mHBOT session  —  $90/75
  • Pkge of 10 mHBOT — $750/675
  • Pkge of 20 mHBOT  — $1400/1300
  • Zyto Body Systems Scan  — $85
  • Wellness Coaching  — Varied: Maximize your HBOT experience with an individualized wellness protocol! Includes throrough body systems scan, recipes, suggestes supplements, and a daily plan for optimal wellness. Packages available.
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hardship, family, and health

where it all began 

Hope Kurz is a mother of three and a 2-time breast cancer survivor. After experiencing both the traditional medical approach combined with natural and alternative protocols, she attributes her amazing recovery largely to using an integrative approach to her healing.

She strongly believes that nutrition, physical activity, mental and emotional wellness, and our own internal beliefs all play a vital role in our health and well-being.

As a result, she has a personal and professional passion for embracing health, using an integrative, holistic approach, and helping others to do the same!

Hope’s primary goal is to guide and empower others in their healing journey, and help them utilize healing alternatives they can feel good about!

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What They Say

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“Mild HBOT significantly helped reduce my severe concussion symptoms. I feel clearer headed, no more dizzy spells, and much less forgetful. I am sleeping so much better, with increased energy that I haven’t felt in years!” – Ken

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“My mental focus, energy, and quality of sleep have noticeably improved since doing a series of mild HBOT sessions! I have fewer aches and pains and overall less inflammation.” – Chris

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“Calming, increased balance, greater range of motion…I feel less anxious, less pain, and excited to engage in more activities. Overall, I feel I have found something that will be more than a bandaid, and will give me my life back!” – Melissa

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“After taking the Zyto Body Systems Scan and talking through the results with Hope, I finally understood my body. Since then, I feel like I’ve lived with much more intentionality in not only physical but mental health.” – Lexie

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