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Are you looking for a hotel web designer and pages that convert? You’ve come to the right place. I create top-ranking websites for hotels and vacation rentals. I have already built 1000+ landing pages for hotels and wrote 300+ articles as travel copywriter.

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Turn your Hotel Website into a SUCCESS

Whether you want a SE-optimized article, a stellar video, or a fully interactive website for your hotel or vacation rental, you need a dedicated hotel web designer.


So, you only have to try me. And because I know my skill set, you can pay at the end of the project, and only if you are happy with the work. Yes, I am so much confident you’ll like the results! We can start with a free meeting and quote so you can have all the information at hand.

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What Others Say


“What a great hotel web designer and travel copywriter. Remarkable research skills as well, always extremely accurate, punctual, super professional, and to top it all, he is a very nice person. He is an absolute pleasure to work with!”


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“Dimi has top design and creation skills, so much so that his work needs no editing. Dimi knows exactly what to do when we talk about digital and travel SEO content. His work doesn’t need any revision, and is always delivered on time. Very glad to work with him.”



“I’ve worked with Dimi for a long time already, and he has several times proved an excellent travel copywriter, flexible knowledgeable, who will immediately understand what you’re looking for and deliver your piece accordingly. Hands down, he is the best SEO writer I’ve ever worked with. His posts rank! “


My experience as Hotel Web Designer

Years of Experience


Unique Articles


  • Hotel Web Designer for 4+ years with more than 1000+ landing pages
  • 6+ years in Management and Marketing of Vacation Rentals in Thassos Greece
  • Travel Copywriter in UpWork with more than 300 completed articles


  • Bachelor of Economics, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Master in Marketing, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Exchange studies in Madrid and Melbourne


  • 5/5 reviews in all my client jobs in UpWork
  • 100% satisfaction rate for all my website designs
  • Top 10 search ranks in Google for hotels websites and articles

My Blog

My approach as Hotel Web Designer

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Hotel Website Design

Hotel Website design is a lot more than getting a few pages together. It is an art that requires every bit of your attention. Now more than ever, especially if you consider the sheer amount of websites out there. So are you ready to stand out? Because my work as hotel web designer is.

Speaking to the audience

If you want your website to succeed, you need to speak directly to the audience: no more fluff and unnecessary details. Get to the point fast and clear. And that requires expertise in copywriting, which I have, as you can see in my portfolio and testimonials.

Speaking to Google

Search engines have the potential to be your number one driver for your website traffic. In other words, search engines like all-mighty Google can help you get new clients. That is why building a Google-friendly website matters! As you can see in my portfolio, I have done it for my own websites and clients for a long time.

Driving conversions

The ultimate goal for your website is not to speak to search engines. Nor is it to sympathize with the audience. It is all about conversions. Whether your goal is to boost brand awareness, increase sales, or get new customers, I build your website accordingly.
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My Detailed Hotel Website Development Methodology

Creating a new website for hotel or vacation rental is an art. To achieve results that stand out from the crowd, I have developed a success-bringing methodology I always follow. This 5-step process relies on what I call the three main pillars of a website: speaking directly to the audience, optimizing for search engines, building with conversions in mind.

Step 1: Research audience and competition

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Step 2: Create and Organize content

Based on the information gathered from the market, competition, and you, I create the content that I will upload to the website. In this step, I make use of the entire copywriting process.

Step 3: Build and Design the website

After I have the content available, it is time to build the website. I use quality themes to speed up the ideation and creation process while ensuring that the design meets your requirements.

Step 4: Optimize website speed

To ensure the quickest possible speed for your website, I take three significant steps, next to many more details:

  • I make sure all photos uploaded are size-optimized and in webp format using four different applications.
  • I enable and set up a professional plugin to boost the site speed.
  • Using Google Pagespeed recommendations, I optimize the website's site even further.

Step 5: Optimize content for search engines (SEO)

Using specialized plugins and technical SEO, I build upon the copywriting SEO optimizations and ensure the website and content rank high in search engines. That means your page has the potential to attract more new customers for searches such as those in Google.
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Hotel Blog Copywriting

Travel Copywriting is like a mini version of building a website. All 3 pillars of a successful webpage apply to copywriting: speaking directly to readers, optimizing for search engines, and boosting conversions. After all, it’s no wonder travel copywriting is an indispensable part of building a website.

Everything starts with research

I have seen first-hand that research is an important step that distinguishes good writers from the rest of the bulk. That is why I ensure I spend as much time needed for research to offer top-quality services. That can often take as much as half of the time to create a new article or copy.

Engaging the reader is a priority

For the content to convert, it has to be engaging to bring the needed traffic in the first place. Using straightforward language, active voice, and short sentences are only three of the twelve main ways I engage the audience.

Ruthless editing is a way to perfection

Although there is no such thing as perfection, a process guarantees the best possible results for your article and copy. Using specialized professional software with a combination of ruthless and creative editing, I ensure the final deliverable is ready to get published.

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My Detailed Hotel Blog and SEO Copywriting process

Creating a new hotel or blog article is like building a new site, only on a smaller scale. My career as a successful copywriter helped me establish a process that guarantees exceptional results and, most importantly, copy that converts. Here are the five steps of this process, which you can also see and download as an infographic here.

Step 1: research Keywords

Keywords are the number one factor in SEO, whether we're talking about articles or websites. To locate the primary and secondary keywords, I check online communities and forums, study the results of search engines, and use tools such as Semrush. You can the detailed sub-steps I follow in this post.

Step 2: Study Competitors

For the article to rank, it has to follow Brian Dean's Skyrocket technique, which means it has to be better and more complete than any other similar article on the web. To do so, I scan headlines and subheadings on search results, read the relative sections in detail, and finish by finding the target audience's search intent.

Step 3: Organize Content

Before I start writing, I organize the content I researched logically. In other words, knowing the article's end goal, I decide on the presentation method and create the outline that I will follow during writing.

Step 4: Write engaging copy

The first thing I have in mind for all my articles is engagement. I strive to engage the reader by writing as they talk, using stories and power words, and following an easy-to-read writing style. Above all, I include the chosen keywords from step 1 that will also count towards SEO.

Step 5: Ruthlessly edit the copy

No matter how excellent a copy may be, it can only get better with editing. Not only do I use professional editing applications such as Grammarly, but I also proofread the article at least twice. Once reading it backward and once reading it out loud. Then, I go through a final revision of the piece after at least 24 hours or a night's sleep.

Step 6: Optimize further for SEO

Although the bulk of SEO occurs in steps 1 and 4, there is still work to ensure the best SEO results. In this final step, I focus on technical SEO by creating a compelling title tag, a persuasive meta description, and adding search engine-friendly tags and links to the copy.

My Process with You


Understand your desires

Before we start, I strive to understand your wants and needs about your content thoroughly.



Following my own copywriting process or web design methodology, I create the content according to your wishes and present it.



If needed (most of the time, it doesn’t), we go together through a series of iterations, edits, or additions if you have any.


Because I know the deliverables will be to your satisfaction, I ask the payment to be done after project completion, and only if you are happy with the result, of which I am sure.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to pay for my website?

Apart from the single payment for the design work, you would have two other yearly fixed costs to third services. The first is for your domain, and you can expect to pay about €10 per year. The second is for your hosting, which means you pay for a computer to be open 24/7 so that your website can open at any time. You can select between various hosting plans, ranging from as low as €30 per year to as much as €300 per month. Based on your needs, I will include in my quote a few options and recommendations for hosting.

Do I need to pay for a theme?

No. These are good news! Although most web designers ask you to pay for a theme, I have taken the extra step and purchased a professional account with popular themes. That means I have access and lifetime support for those premium themes that you can benefit from at no additional cost! It’s all on me!

Will my website have a professional email?

Yes, I will set up at least one professional email for your website. The name of the email can be info@name_of_your_website.com or any other word you wish instead of “info”. If the hosting plan you choose allows more than one email account, you can have multiple emails. I can connect all emails with your preferred mail provider, such as Gmail, so that you can get all emails to your inbox.

Does my website need maintenance?

To keep up with new security features and updates, all components of a website need maintenance. That can be simple as pressing a single button, but it can often be more tricky, especially if you have an e-commerce website. In any case, I will show you what steps you can take if you want to make the updates yourself and avoid any extra service fees.

What support do I have?

After you are happy with the final deliverable, you can make the payment. From that moment, you have one free month of support from me. You can use that to change something or ask anything about the website. If you would like some upgrade in the future, you can come in touch with me. We can then look into the options and agree on pricing.

Why do I need a hotel web designer and copywriter?

Although everyone can put a few words next to each other, it’s a different matter altogether to write engaging and compelling copy that converts and achieves your goal. And here is where the art of copywriting comes into play. So if you want quality content for your hotel blog or website, your first step is to look for professionals.

How long until I get my copy?

Although the turnaround depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, we will always agree on a deadline before the creative process begins. It is my firm policy that I deliver within the pre-agreed timeline. And of course, I would never promise quick delivery if that compromises quality. My writing process is straightforward, and you can also check it here.

Will I own the copyright of the copy?

Absolutely! Once the project is complete and the payment received in full, I revert all right for the copy to you. That means you have complete control of the content. At the same time, I don’t take ghostwriting projects. In other words, when an article is published on your website or blog, you may mention my name as the author, but you are the sole beneficiary of the copy in terms of revenue or recognition. And if the copy goes into a page or social media, you don’t need to mention me. In any case, I may reference the project in my portfolio.

What is your writing style?

Although I prefer to be direct, clear, and concise, there is no such thing as “my writing style”. After all, it is not my job to have a style when writing for others. That is why I adapt to your needs and desires and adopt the style and tone that best suits your brand.

What information will you need from me?

The more information you can share with me about your business, brand, and goals, the better the final copy it can be. But don’t worry too much about that. After our first interaction, I will look up everything about your business and then get back to you with a briefing document if I need more information.

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